The new Congress and Immigration reforms

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As the 114th Congress begins in Washington DC with Republican majorities in each chamber, there are new concerns about how it will approach immigration reforms, especially the recent Presidential action on immigration by the Obama administration.

114th U.S Congress distribution. Image by VOA


Now that the politicking for 2016 Presidential elections is gearing up, both Democrats and Republicans will no doubt be interested in appealing to the growing demographic of immigrant voters.  Republicans  are especially going to be pressured by business leaders  in their constituencies  to push for a stable visa programs which only Congress can deliver. Democrats also have to explain where not much was done when they controlled the congress.

Although  reports suggest that Republicans in both chambers are working on a variety of immigration bills, it remains unclear what the Republican controlled Congress  will do to move

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forward useful sections of Obama’s immigration action or perhaps propose something better.

One thing is clear: America needs an immigration policy that is not only humane and sustainable but one which is also in alignment with the nations economic growth potentials and sensitive to the need to secure the homeland.

Cities and municipalities across the country are learning to work with foreign born U.S citizens and other legal residents on various immigration challenges.  Moving forward, the 114th congress -Democrats and Republican alike can learn from some of these grassroots initiatives .

By, Tokz Awoshakin/2015.




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